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      Our Products

      Bacon & Egg Loaf
      Beef Pastrami
      Chicken Pastrami
      Cooked Salami
      Curry Brawn
      French polony
      Garlic Polony
      Ham & tongue
      Mixed Cold meats
      Paprika Loaf
      Pepper Ham
      Plain Brawn
      Sandwich Ham
      Polony Offcuts


      Angel Kisses
      Bacon & Cheese Grillers
      Bacon Bites
      Beef Kalahari kreef
      Kalahari Braai Pack
      Kudu Kalahari kreef
      Jalapeno Poppers
      Pork Kalahari kreef
      Kalahari Prawns
      Kalahari Roll Mops
      Kalahari Twisters
      PEPPADEW Poppers


      Breakfast Grillers
      Cheese Russians
      Cheese Viennas
      Cocktail Kassegrillers
      Jalapeno Cheesie
      Biltong Griller
      Pepper Cheesie
      Red Viennas
      Smoked Viennas
      3 Cheese Griller
      Hollandse Rookwors


      Mixed Herb Salami
      Mustard  Salami
      Black Pepper Salami
      Chilli Salami
      Red Wine Salami
      Kudu / Springbok Salami
      Cervelat Salami
      Pepperoni Salami
      Parma Salami
      Milano Salami
      Darling Salami
      Chourizo Salami
      Country Ham
      Cooked Beef
      Cooked Tongue
      Black Forest Ham
      Kudu / Beef Brezola
      Kudu Carpachio
      Smoked Beef
      Traditional Beef Pastrami
      Parma Loin
      Parma Ham
      Smoked Lamb Ham
      Pepper Country Ham
      Pork Neck Ham
      Loin Ham – Pepper
      Loin Ham
      Gypsy Ham


      Darling Boerewors Dik
      Darling Boerewors Dun
      Kriels Wors
      Pork Sausage
      Smoked Bacon & Cheese Wors
      Smoked Beef & cheese wors
      Cherry & Cheese Braai wors
      Texas Burgers


      Back Bacon
      Streaky Bacon
      Shoulder Bacon
      Diced Bacon
      Eisbein (Smoked)
      Eisbein (Cured)
      Smoked Pork rib
      Kassler Chops
      Smoked Pork Neck
      Gammon Steaks
      Kassler Steaks
      Smoked Pork Strips
      Gammon bone in
      Deboned Gammon
      Dry Cured Back Bacon
      Dry Cured Streaky Bacon
      Macon – Beef Bacon
      Extra Lean Bacon



      Chicken fillets
      Chicken Kebabs
      Chicken Leg 1/4 10kg 
      Chicken Leg 1/4’s
      Smoked Chicken Fillets (Cooked)
      Spatchcock Chicken
      Free Range Whole Chickens
      Greek Chicken Wings
      Hoender Skilpadjies


      1/2 or Whole Lamb
      Greek Lamb Rib Strips
      Lamb & Pork Kebabs
      Lamb Bacon – Spiced lamb strips
      Lamb Kidneys
      Lamb Liver
      Lamb Loin Chops
      Lamb Offal Full Set
      Lamb Rib
      Lamb Shoulder Chops
      Lamb Tripe & Trotters
      Lamb Tripe
      Leg Of Lamb
      Mutton Braai Chops
      Mutton Potjie
      Skilpadjies (Lamb Liver)
      Lamb Rib Steaks
      Winddroog Lamsrib
      Greek Deboned Leg Lamb


      BBQ Spare Ribs
      BBQ Spiced Pork Strips & plain
      Curry Pork Chops
      Marinated Pork Ribs
      Marinated Pork Strips
      Pork Belly
      Pork Belly DDD
      Pork Fillet
      Pork Leg / Shoulder
      Pork Loin Chops
      Pork Meaty Bones
      Pork Neck Sosaties
      Pork Neck Steaks
      Pork Spare Rib
      Pork Spek
      Pork Stew
      Pork Texan Steak
      Pork Trotters
      Pre Cooked Spare Ribs
      Shoulder Ribs
      Vark Vlegsels
      Honey Glazed Pork Strips


      Ham & cheese Roll
      Salami & cheese Roll


      Beef Biltong 
      Chilli Bites
      Plain Bites
      Biltong Blare
      Droëwors Wiele
      Droewors Wiele – Bak
      Bacon Biltong
      Kudu Biltong
      Springbok Biltong
      Gemsbok Biltong
      Italian Salami Sticks
      Cervelat Salami sticks
      Pepperoni Salami Sticks
      Springbok Salami Sticks
      Kudu Salami Sticks
      Chorizo Salami Sticks
      Red Wine Salami Sticks
      Darling Snack Mix
      Doggy Droewors


      Beef Short Rib
      Chuck/ Wingrib
      Clean Trotters
      Clean Tripe
      Corned Beef
      Corned Tongue
      Fillet Steak
      Meaty Bones
      Rump Steak
      Rump Steak B Grade
      Rump Picanha
      Sirloin Steak
      Sirloin Steak B Grade
      Soup Bones
      Steak Mince
      T – Bone
      Tenderised Steak
      Beef Bliksempies – Short Rib Strips


      Econo Russians
      Econo Garlic
      Econo French
      Econo Viennas
      Penny Polony
      Pets Mince


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