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      About Us

      Darling Meat Market is renowned for its richly delicious Darling Boerewors and other craft deli meats. We have the freshest, premium grade meat including prime cut beef, local lamb and farm-fresh chicken. All our delectable craft meat products are made on site, and natural-smoked. We sell to the public as well as wholesalers.


      Family Tradition

      Four Generations of Butchers


      Our Story

      This is a fourth-generation butchery, beginning with great-grandfather Oupa Alexander and his brood of ten children. From this family came eight sons who all became butchers, and two daughters who did the butchery accounting… and married butchers!

      Oupa’s grandson is Parker Kriel, now a beloved member of Darling’s Old Guard. He began life as a butcher when he was just 16 and founded Darling Meat Market in 1982.  Now in his 80’s, Parker still works in the butchery on Fridays and Saturdays, and visits its smaller branch every day.

      Stephen first joined the butchery, later joined by Kevin, and they eventually bought their father out. While Parker relinquished ownership those many years ago, his presence is very much felt, and can often be seen handing out biltong samples from behind the spotless counter.

      The Kriel Brothers have been in the butcher business since they were pikkies. Kevin basically grew up on the counter of their butchery in Bonnievale, “My mom would put me in one of those little cradles on the counter, and when I cried one of the customers would come and rock me. And every high school holiday we would always help out in the shop.” His training began when he was around five years old, at the same time as Stephen himself was learning the trade as a young teenager. Leaving school they both travelled and did other work and studies, broadening their perspectives and seeing the world before returning to the meat industry.

      The brothers work well together, and their spirit of camaraderie can be felt in the shop. The mood at Darling Meat Market is consistent: busy, bustling, and you always get a friendly hello with one’s purchases. Kevin is more of the people person and customers can always count on him to answer any questions or just have a little chat. He says, I love working with meat, it’s fun, and when you’re working with people there are never two days that are the same. It’s never monotonous. Always a new challenge, always a new question.”

      Kevin’s hobby is competitive shooting, while Stephen’s is cycling and competing in extreme events all around the world. He’s even cycled the Annapurna mountain range in Nepal.  Stephen then also makes time for recipe development in the butchery and making his own whisky at home. Stephen is a great recipe experimenter, working tirelessly to improve on their already top-shelf value-added products like hams, parmas and salami sticks. “It’s just my passion,” he says. The original Darling Boerewors recipe was passed down from my grandfather. It is only more recently that we have had the fancier stuff, besides the basics of chops, wors and mince.

      Both men love living in and operating from Darling. Stephen’s son, Sean, recently joined the business being the 5th generation Kriel in the butchery trade. Its hard work, a lot of physical labour, you have to be in it for the love or the passion like we are, because there are easier ways to make a living,” laughs Kevin.

      Quality, Expertise,
      Mouth-Watering Goodness!

      Our Mission

      A family tradition of superior meats for budget-savvy times!


      “Five Stars!”

      Since moving to the West Coast in 2018 we have seldom ventured anywhere else when purchasing meat. This business pumps and its reputation is built on solid friendly service, high quality products and near faultless consistency. Some of my favorites include the Boerewors, Biltong sirloin (exactly what it sounds like) and I can’t drive past without stopping for a half dozen sticks of droewors! Highly recommended.

      Fantastic selection. Great service.
      The cured meats are delicious.
      Sirloin is amazing on a Braai.
      However, the Boerewors is legendary – best in the Western Cape both normal and droë wors.

      The happiest and friendly meat market and have been a regular customer for 34 years.

      Genuine, old school butcher. Great variety and specialty goods. It is well worth the drive!

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