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Darling Meat Market is the perfect place to stop on your way up the West Coast to stock up on the best quality and value for money prime cut beef, local lamb, farm fresh chicken, juicy boerewors and a multitude of other products

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Value added products, Smoked products, Spiced & marinated products, Fresh & smoked products, Fresh & pickled products, Cold meats, Deli cold meats.

Your one stop butcher

Darling Meat Market is the perfect butcher to stop on your way up the West Coast to stock up on the best quality and value for money prime cut beef, Karoo lamb, farm fresh chicken, juicy boerewors and a multitude of other products the headline any meal.

Our Butchery is the perfect place to stop on your way up the West Coast to stock up on the best quality and value for money prime cut beef, Local lamb, farm fresh chicken, juicy boerewors and a multitude of other products the headline any meal.

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About the Butchery

Darling Meat Market is an ordinary-looking butchery on the ordinary-looking main road of the little West Coast village of Darling. But behind the scenes a meat-processing operation, the scale of which, for a dorp this size, is extraordinary.

In the factory section of the spotless meat market, a staff of 35 men and woman in hygienic mopcaps turn out meat products destined for more than 100 Spars in towns as far as Upington and other shops in the West Coast area. Four days a week two delivery trucks go off packed to the hilt.

“This was just a tiny butchery when my father came here to retire in 1982,” says Stephen Kriel,  who with his brother Kevin,  bought the business form Parker Kriel in 1999. “He had a huge butchery in Bonnievale near Robertson, but decided to come to Darling, where his sister was living.

Instead of retiring, however, Parker was soon doing deliveries with his car every Wednesday to Cape Town. “Butchery is in his blood,” says his son. “His father, James Kriel was one of seven brothers who were all butchers. We are now the 4th generation.

Now in his late 70’s, Parker still works in the butchery on Fridays and Saturdays, and visits its township branch every day.

It remains very much a family business. Stephen’s wife, Susan, has taken over the bookkeeping from her mother-in-law while Kevin handles everything to do with computers and the all-important spices.

On the West Coast the smoked pork products of Darling Vleismark are famous – like Gammon, Kassler Rib, Eisbein, and Pork fillet, neck and spare ribs. As are the rookwors created by Stephen’s grandfather, a bit like chorizo, and the unique offbeat specialities: Kalahari Kreef (skewered kudu or springbok wrapped in bacon); Kalahari Prawns (chicken in bacon); and Kalahari Rollmops (sirloin in bacon). “They were created years ago by a blockman who worked for us. Now everyone copies them.”

But it’s Darling Vleismark’s boerewors that is the biggest seller. “We do about 4 ton every month. The secret is the fresh meat. Other people add their junk and their offcuts.” They buy in meat from Cape Town. Darling doesn’t have enough.

Dedication must have something to do with it as well. In season, the Kriel brothers are usually at work by five in the morning and don’t leave much before eight or nine at night.

Long-distance home deliveries are done Tuesday to Friday – “only Cape Town’s northern suburbs as well as the West Coast and Malmesbury on Fridays”

“We used to do most of that stuff by hand,” says Stephen, who at the age of six was already standing on a box, cutting meat. ” A lot of the time I was cutting my fingers… blood all over the place…” Nowadays automated fillers/linkers, smokers and wrapping machines make life much easier…

New Products

3 Cheese Griller

With Cheddar, Mozzarella & Feta.

Jalapeno Poppers

Jalapeno Chillies filled with Cream Cheese then wrapped in Bacon

Our Products

Cold meats

Bacon & Egg Loaf
Beef Pastrami
Chicken Pastrami
Cooked Salami
Curry Brawn
French polony
Garlic Polony
Ham & tongue
Mixed Cold meats
Paprika Loaf
Pepper Ham
Plain Brawn
Sandwich Ham

Cooked or Smoked products

Bacon Grillers
Breakfast Grillers
Cheese Russians
Cheese Viennas
Cocktail Kassegrillers
Country Grillers
Ham Cheesie
Jalapeno Cheesie
Pepper Cheesie
Red Viennas
Smoked Viennas

Fresh Sausage & Burgers

Thick Darling Boerewors
Thin Darling Boerewors
Kriels Wors
Pork Sausage
Smoked Bacon & Cheese Wors
Smoked Beef & Cheese Wors
High Noon Burgers
Texas Burgers

Cured & Oak Smoked Pork

Back Bacon
Streaky Bacon
Shoulder Bacon
Diced Bacon
Eisbein – (Smoked)
Eisbein– (Cured)
Smoked Pork Rib
Kassler Chops
Smoked Pork Neck
Gammon Steaks
Kassler Steaks
Smoked Pork Strips
Smoked Pork Fillet
Gammon – with bone
Gammon – Deboned
Dry Cured Back Bacon
Dry Cured Streaky Bacon
Macon – Beef Bacon
Extra Lean Bacon

Lamb & Mutton

Greek Lamb Rib Strips
Lamb & Pork Kebabs
Lamb Bacon – Spiced lamb strips
Lamb Kidneys
Lamb Liver
Lamb Loin Chops
Lamb Offal Full Set
Lamb Rib
Lamb Shoulder Chops
Lamb Tripe & Trotters
Lamb Trotters
Leg Of Lamb
Mutton Braai Chops
Mutton Potjie
Skilpadjies (Lamb Liver)
Lamb Rib Steaks

Dried Products

Beef Biltong
Chilli Bites
Plain Bites
Biltong Blare
Droëwors Wiele
Bacon Biltong
Kudu Biltong
Springbok Biltong
Gemsbok Biltong
Italian Salami Sticks
Cervelat Salami sticks
Pepperoni Salami Sticks
Springbok Salami Sticks
Kudu Salami Sticks
Chorizo Salami Sticks
Red Wine Salami Sticks
Rugby Snack Mix

Value added products

Angel Kisses
Bacon & Cheese Grillers
Bacon Bites – Bacon kebab in sweet and sour marinade.
Beef Kalahari kreef – Beef wrapped in bacon.
Kalahari Braai Pack – Smoked pork neck. Bacon & cheese griller. BBQ spiced pork strip.
Kudu Kalahari kreef – Kudu steak wrapped in bacon.
Oepsies – Bacon on a skewer in sweet and sour marinade.
Pork Kalahari kreef – Pork fillet wrapped in bacon.
Kalahari Prawns – Chicken fillet wrapped in bacon.
Kalahari Roll Mops
Kalahari Twisters

Deli cold meats

Mustard / Mixed Herb Salami
Black Pepper Salami
Chilli Salami
Red Wine Salami
Kudu / Springbok Salami
Cervelat Salami
Pepperoni Salami
Parma / Milano Salami
Darling Salami
Chourizo Salami
Country Ham
Cooked Beef
Cooked Tongue
Black Forest Ham
Kudu / Beef Brezola
Kudu Carpachio
Smoked Beef
Traditional Beef Pastrami
Parma Loin
Parma Ham
Black Forest Ham
Smoked Lamb Ham
Pepper Country Ham
Pork Neck Ham
Loin Ham – Pepper
Loin Ham

Chicken Products

Chicken fillets
Chicken Kebabs
Chicken Leg 1/4 10kg
Chicken Leg 1/4’s
Smoked Chicken Fillets (Cooked)
Spatchcock Chicken
Whole Chickens
Greek Chicken Wings

Pork (Fresh)

BBQ Spare Ribs
BBQ Spiced Pork Strips/plain
Curry Pork Chops
Marinated Pork Ribs
Marinated Pork Strips
Pork Belly
Pork Belly DDD
Pork Fillet
Pork Leg / Shoulder
Pork Loin Chops
Pork Meaty Bones
Pork Neck Sosaties
Pork Neck Steaks
Pork Spare Rib
Pork Spek
Pork Stew
Pork Texan Steak
Pork Trotters
Pre Cooked Spare Ribs
Shoulder Ribs
Vark Vlegsels
Marinated Pork Pin Wheels
Honey Glazed Pork Strips

Beef Products

Beef Short Rib
Chuck/ Wingrib
Clean Trotters
Clean Tripe
Club Steak
Corned Beef
Corned Tongue
Fillet Steak
Meaty Bones
Rump Steak
Rump Steak B Grade
Sirloin Steak
Sirloin Steak B Grade
Soup Bones
Steak Mince
T – Bone
Tenderised Steak
Beef Bliksempies – Short Rib Strips

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