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      Enter quantities for products you would like to order and submit the form at the bottom. Take note of the sales method for each product (by weight, pack or unit).

      Vul die hoeveelheid van elke produk wat U wil bestel in en stuur die vorm heel onder aan. Neem kennis hoe elke produk verkoop word (per gewig, pakkie of eenheid).

      Cold meats

      Beef Pastrami (sold by: kg)

      Chicken Pastrami (sold by: kg)

      Curry Brawn (sold by: kg)

      Plain Brawn (sold by: kg)

      Sandwich Ham (sold by: kg)

      Value added products

      Angel Kisses 200g (sold by: pkt)

      Bacon & Cheese Grillers 350g (sold by: pkt)

      Bacon Bites 400g (sold by: pkt)

      Beef Kalahari kreef 350g (sold by: pkt)

      Jalapeno Poppers 200g (sold by: pkt)

      Kalahari Prawns 500g (sold by: pkt)

      Kalahari Roll Mops 200g (sold by: pkt)

      Oepsies 350g (sold by: pkt)

      PEPPADEW Poppers 200g (sold by: pkt)

      Pork Kalahari kreef 450g (sold by: pkt)

      Cooked or smoked sausages

      Cheddamelts 250g (sold by: pkt)

      Cheese Russians 450g (sold by: kg)

      Cheese Viennas (sold by: kg)

      Chorizo 150g (sold by: unit)

      Cocktail Kassegrillers 200g (sold by: pkt)

      Jalapeno Cheesie 250g (sold by: pkt)

      Kasegrillers 250g (sold by: pkt)

      Pepper Cheesie 250g (sold by: pkt)

      Red Viennas (sold by: kg)

      Smoked Viennas (sold by: kg)

      Deli cold meats

      Black Forest Ham 150g (sold by: pkt)

      Cervelat Salami (sold by: kg)

      Cooked Beef (sold by: kg)

      Cooked Tongue (sold by: kg)

      Coppa 150g (sold by: pkt)

      Country Ham (sold by: kg)

      Kudu / Beef Brezola 150g (sold by: pkt)

      Kudu Carpachio 150g (sold by: pkt)

      Pancetta 150g (sold by: pkt)

      Pepperoni Salami (sold by: kg)

      Smoked Beef 150g (sold by: pkt)

      Traditional Beef Pastrami 200g (sold by: pkt)

      Fresh sausage & burgers

      Cherry & Cheese Braai wors 350g (sold by: pkt)

      Darling Boerewors Dik (sold by: kg)

      Darling Boerewors Dun (sold by: kg)

      Pork Sausage (sold by: kg)

      Pure Beef Burger 150g (sold by: unit)

      Smoked Bacon & Cheese Wors 250g (sold by: pkt)

      Cured & oak smoked pork

      Back Bacon (sold by: kg)

      Dry Cured Back Bacon 200g (sold by: pkt)

      Dry Cured Streaky Bacon 200g (sold by: pkt)

      Eisbein (Cured) 550g – 800g (sold by: unit)

      Eisbein (Smoked) 550g – 800g (sold by: unit)

      Kassler Chops (sold by: kg)

      Macon – Beef Bacon 200g (sold by: pkt)

      Smoked Pork rib 600g (sold by: unit)

      Smoked Pork Strips (sold by: kg)

      Streaky Bacon (sold by: kg)

      Chicken products

      Chicken fillets (sold by: kg)

      Chicken Kebabs (sold by: unit)

      Chicken Leg 1/4’s (sold by: kg)

      Free Range Whole Chickens 2.5kg (sold by: unit)

      Hoender Skilpadjies (4) (sold by: pkt)

      Smoked Chicken Fillets (Cooked) (3) (sold by: pkt)

      Spatchcock Chicken 1kg-2kg (sold by: unit)

      Sundowners 350g (sold by: pkt)

      Pork (fresh)

      BBQ Spare Ribs 650g (sold by: unit)

      BBQ Spiced Pork Strips/plain (sold by: kg)

      Curry Pork Chops 750g (sold by: pkt)

      Honey Glazed Pork Strips 400g (sold by: pkt)

      Pork Belly (sold by: kg)

      Pork Loin Chops (sold by: kg)

      Pork Neck Sosaties (sold by: unit)

      Pork Neck Steaks (sold by: kg)

      Pork Spare Rib 1kg (sold by: unit)

      Pork Texan Steak 400g (sold by: unit)

      Lamb & mutton

      1/2 or Whole Lamb (sold by: kg)

      Greek Deboned Leg Lamb (sold by: kg)

      Greek Lamb Rib Strips 350g (sold by: pkt)

      Lamb & Pork Kebabs (sold by: unit)

      Lamb Bacon – Spiced lamb strips 250g (sold by: pkt)

      Lamb Loin Chops (sold by: kg)

      Lamb Offal Full Set 1.7kg (sold by: unit)

      Lamb Shoulder Chops (sold by: kg)

      Lamb Tripe 1kg (sold by: unit)

      Lamb Tripe & Trotters 1kg (sold by: unit)

      Leg Of Lamb (sold by: kg)

      Skilpadjies (Lamb Liver)(4) (sold by: pkt)

      Beef products

      Beef Short Rib (sold by: kg)

      Chuck/ Wingrib (sold by: kg)

      Fillet Steak (sold by: kg)

      Goulash (sold by: kg)

      Mince (sold by: kg)

      Oxtail (sold by: kg)

      Rib-Eye (sold by: kg)

      Rump Sosaties (sold by: kg)

      Rump Steak (sold by: kg)

      Sirloin Steak (sold by: kg)

      Steak Mince (sold by: kg)

      T – Bone (400g – 800g) (sold by: unit)

      Tenderised Steak (sold by: kg)

      Dried products

      Bacon Biltong (sold by: kg)

      Beef Biltong (sold by: kg)

      Biltong Blare (sold by: kg)

      Cabanossi 120g (sold by: pkt)

      Cervelat Salami sticks 120g (sold by: pkt)

      Chilli Bites (sold by: kg)

      Darling Snack Mix 120g (sold by: pkt)

      Doggy Droewors 150g (sold by: pkt)

      Droëwors (sold by: kg)

      Pepperoni Salami Sticks 120g (sold by: pkt)

      Plain Bites (sold by: kg)

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